This website is dedicated to Indian Mastiff, a rare indigenous breed of dog found in India.

Indian Mastiff originated in western region of Rajasthan, Bahawalpur area of Punjab and in Kutch area of Gujarat.

According to other theory this breed originated in the southern areas of Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts.
You can read more about the breed on the Breed History page.

Indian Mastiff is not recognized by any formal kennel club in the world. However, some informal standards have been setup by the breed lovers [like me :)].

Some people believe that Indian Mastiff and Bully Kutta are one and the same breed. This is more likely false than true.

If you own an Indian Mastiff or you can anyhow send some photos please let us know. Your photos along with your name can be published here (.if you are fine with disclosing your information).
Alternatively you can upload the photos on a photo sharing site and send us the links using the contact form.


  1. Hi,
    Could you give me your contact details. I am also a fan of Indian Mastiff!

    Brijesh Nair

  2. Does anybody have Indian or indigenous Indian Mastiff please NO Bully Kuttas the are not the same and not what I am after.... Many thanks